In 2018, I had the pleasure of co-producing a story with CBC Montreal as part of a series they published called "Feeding Montreal." The aim of the series was to produce original stories about the political, economic, social and personal relationships Montrealers have with their food.

This story zeroed in on a food trend known as "zero waste." Montreal has many zero-waste grocery shops, but only one zero-waste café. I was very curious to explore the ways that being a zero-waste operation changed the way the café served their customers or how much money they made.


My role as story editor gave me the opportunity to perform the traditional practice of reporter, but also gave me the freedom to incorporate short, shareable videos designed for CBC's digital channels (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter), designed to drive traffic back to the story. 

The story became CBC Montreal's top Google result for over one week after publication and the social media videos were viewed more than 10,000 times. 

Trash Day at a Zero-Waste Café 

How A Zero-waste Café Does Things Differently: Café 5eme, Montreal